Fish in Canada

Fish in Canada

Ride across the Andes

Ride across the Andes

Zipline through Wales

Surf in Hawaii

Surf in Hawaii

Ski in the Alps

Ski in the Alps

Safari in South Africa

Safari in South Africa

Buy & Fly Winners

Reif Aitken

Barrier Locksmiths

March Winner

Congratulations to our March winner, Reif Aitken from Barrier Locksmiths, QLD (pictured) for winning a $5,000 voucher by spending on Yale, Whitco or Lockwood. Reif had a total of 132 tickets in the draw.

Tony Grubisic

ACG Fire and Security

February Winner

Congratulations to our February winner, Tony Grubisic from ACG Fire and Security, NSW (pictured) for winning a $5,000 voucher by spending on Dahua, HID or DCS Cables. Tony had a total of 260 tickets in the draw.

ACG Fire and Security

John Casaula

Commrity Electronic Security

May Winner

Congratulations to our May winner, John Casaula from Commrity Electronic Security, VIC for winning a $5,000 voucher by spending on AMC, HID, Dahua or DCS Cables. John had over 450 tickets in the draw.


Port Locksmiths

June Winner

Congratulations to our June winner, Steve from Port Locksmiths, SA (pictured) for winning a $5,000 voucher by spending on Advanced Diagnostics or Silca. Steve couldn't believe it, certainly made his day. He had 128 entries in the draw.

 A J Edden

July Winner

Congratulations to our July winner, Tracey and Peter Hiscox from A. J.

Edden, NSW (pictured) for winning a $5,000 voucher by spending on ABUS.  Tracey and Peter Hiscox had a total of 136 tickets in the draw, just proving that the more you spend the more chance you have to win!


August Winner

Congratulations and bon voyage to our August winner, Hector from PLT Electrical, NSW (pictured) for winning a $5,000 voucher by spending on Dahua. Hector is looking forward to putting his $5,000 travel voucher to good use over the Christmas holidays.


September Winner

Congratulations to our luck last Buy & Fly winner, Peter from Bendigo Locksmiths, VIC (pictured) for winning a $5,000 voucher by spending on Lockwood and Whitco. Peter had a total of 173 tickets in the draw.


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